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We tried failed

“I can accept failure, everyone fails at something. But I can’t accept not trying.” - Michael Jordan

Case Studies


Bong Hesel was a “homemade food” delivery app. We started our journey on November, 2016. One day, while seating in a lazy couch, we were discussing how technologies are solving our daily problems, and suddenly we figured out that there is no tech out there to solve our daily meal problem. As a student, staying out of home, we used to crave for homemade food and there was no app which solves this problem. So we took that opportunity to make such app. So we started kitchen from our place and one of our tech savvy friend developed the app. This is how we started.
We still remember the day we launched our app, we were not expecting any order as people barely know us but suddenly something popped up in phone. Wow! Our first order, that was awesome. We started with one order a day, even there were some days with no order. Soon the figures change, by Jan ,2017 and we were in the race. Startups and initiatives like us who end their journey like this way have no official existence after they end. We think about this differently, because for us BongHesel is an emotion, our very first initiative of being "together".

16 Nov

We decided to make BongHesel

18 Nov

App published in PlayStore

01 Feb

We started expanding

14 Apr

Our all kitchens got crashed on orders due to poila boisakh

29 Jul

Expanded to Bangalore

18 Nov

Our iOs app launched

* Now as on Jan,2019


Maybe you are wondering why we failed! To be very specific, there was no single reason behind it.

1) Funding
Well! We never showed up to investors, as we had a team full of developers, social media experts, fantastic cooks, team leaders who are giving their soul daily to the project is it not enough? The question still remains unanswered.

2) Growing too fast
We had no competition with on demand food delivery giants, and this sector was untouched. People were crazy to have their meal like home, so we grew faster than we anticipated. And soon things are went out of control.

3) Franchisee
As we were growing fast, we started franchising our business, working with small team we lacked control over franchisee of some remote areas

4) Bottlenecking
We never said a customer NO. This literally made us cry and we starting compromising our quality over services, we wish we never did that.

5) Reviews
People never posted positive reviews when they are really enjoying their meal, but they did post negative reviews Whenever we made some mistake, also we are learning from our own mistakes. But app stores are started flashing out mistakes in front page, although 90% of good reviews were there in next pages.